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Fairly soon after starting triathlon I joined the Brighton Phoenix Tri club. Having been involved in a swimming club growing up I thought this the obvious next step. Over the coming months and years the club was to be a source of a wealth of information, helping me to find out about all aspects of triathlon. I made new friends, found training partners, and regularly found a helping hand when needed – I just remember the countless lifts to races that I and my bike benefited from! I love my club but it wouldn’t be the same without its members. So once I’d found my footing I started to think about how I could get more involved.

Today I did my last triathlon of 2010, finishing the season on a high with a good second place at Hever castle.

I don’t know about you but I can feel with every part of my body that the end of the season is here. I noticed the first signs the day after the Bala standard distance triathlon. I was tired. The idea of putting my running shoes on for my usual Monday session made me think twice, and I took a rain check. I wasn’t even looking forward to the next race, just looking forward to getting it over with. But despite the tiredness there’s something deeply satisfying about this feeling. This year I have raced, raced, and raced until I truly had enough. And now I will have a break, because I want to, because I deserve it, but mostly because I need to. Everyone needs a time to recharge their batteries.

Let’s start this post with two quotes:

“You are at the end of season so let’s enjoy ourselves eh !”

“I can’t do it if it makes me feel like that.”

The first quote is the answer I received from my coach in response to asking to enter yet more races for the remainder of the season. The second is from a friend during a discussion of a race that went very wrong after a terrible swim.

My reply to my friend was this: “There’s no point in doing it if it makes you feel bad.”

This sentence summarised what I only very recently had to remind myself of as well. When I started triathlon it was all shiny and new to me.

SmoothieI’m probably preaching to the converted here, but a few weeks ago when I tidied up my room I discovered a box smoothie maker.

We should all eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg, and I certainly never had a problem with this, but how much fun are smoothies! I’m having almost as much fun making them as consuming the product. Not only are they good for you, they also taste great. I’ve almost gone off the chocolate in favour of smoothies.

Yippee! The open water swimming season is upon us! Even those of you extremely scared of cold water (like me!) could enjoy a lovely 17°C in lakes around London this morning. Fantastic! You have no excuse not to dive in and enjoy the lovely open water.

If you haven’t swum in a lake for a long time and prefer to get used to your wetsuit in a safe environment, you might want to start swimming in one of London’s  lidos that welcome wetsuit swimmers. However, remember that chlorinated water will eventually damage the wetsuit neoprene material. Make sure you rinse your wetsuit well after you’ve been using it in chlorinated water. Best to leave it to soak in clear water in your bath tub before hanging it up to drip dry on a coat hanger.

Chrissie Wellington recently gave this fabulously encouraging advice to everyone starting out in triathlon. This was part of her regular column in 220 Triathlon Magazine. We think it’s so wonderful that it is worth repeating here, just in case you missed that issue.

  • Have self believe, boldness and confidence; don’t doubt yourself
  • Always give 100% to sessions, never let your concentration flag
  • Be patient and see every day as a step towards a bigger goal
  • Don’t concern yourself with what others say and do