We all have times when finding the motivation or time to train is difficult. Sometimes in season, you find that the adrenaline from one race doesn’t necessarily carry you to the next or that with all of summer’s festivities, finding the energy to fit it all in is a challenge! Trigirl ambassador, Katie Emery, shares a few of her mid-season blues with us; but ultimately she finds that if you fall off (your bike or your training program!) the best thing to do is to get back on…

Three weeks since my last triathlon and over three until my next one. I’m doing my best to keep up the training, but half term holidays and Jubilee celebrations have made things really tricky. I’ve had to get creative with my training sessions and accept that three a week will have to do for now…

I’ve been running with my dog through the woods and fields, nearly killing myself on the mountains of slippy mud that covers any woodland path (must treat myself to some off-road shoes). I’ve made a couple of 7am spinning classes that have really set me up for the day, though it usually takes me five minutes to work out how I got from bed to bike!

The bottom line is that I’ve not been able to get to my ladies Tri group for the last four weeks and I’m really missing it… Not only does it mean I miss out on a great training session first thing on a Monday morning, but I also miss the girls! The banter, training tips, competition and drive to improve are so important to me. I’m sure it’s the sole reason I’ve been able to get out there and have a go.

I had the opportunity today to get out in the sun with a couple of girlfriends for a 23 mile bike ride. It felt wonderful to be outside in some rare sun… three miles in I found myself struggling on a country lane with a very wide tractor, next thing I’m wobbling and before I knew it, toppled over before I had the opportunity to unclip my shoe from the cleat – ouch! I’d been dreading that happening and I have to say, it hurt my pride more than me. Another two miles in and I noticed my flat tyre! We battled to get the tyre off the wheel, pleased with ourselves that we had the necessary tool kit under our saddles… and then realised that we didn’t have a pump between us! I’m heading to the bike shop this afternoon to equip myself, thank goodness I had my phone to call for an emergency pick up. Lesson learnt!

I can’t wait to get back next Monday morning, although I know it’s going to hurt!


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