Training and Race Tips


Make 2011 a special year! Compete in a triathlon this summer and let Trigirl help you achieve this fabulous goal. Join one of our Triathlon Training Days this spring where expert coaches help you prepare for the race on a fun girls only day out. Come race day you will whiz through the course with ease. Promised!

Trigirl Training Days in London are now open for bookings.

Sunday 8th of May 2011: Novice Triathlon Training Day
Sunday 15th of May 2011:  Intermediate Triathlon Training Day

Cost £ 65.- for a full day of expert coaching in small groups.

Click here for more information and to book your place.

Watch this space for further announcements. New novice training days in Manchester and Bristol will be open for bookings soon.

SmoothieI’m probably preaching to the converted here, but a few weeks ago when I tidied up my room I discovered a box smoothie maker.

We should all eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg, and I certainly never had a problem with this, but how much fun are smoothies! I’m having almost as much fun making them as consuming the product. Not only are they good for you, they also taste great. I’ve almost gone off the chocolate in favour of smoothies.

Have you ever started off something really well with great intentions and high levels of motivation, yet as time past, your efforts and motivation dwindled. Just like those New Year’s Resolutions … many of us start the year with great intentions to get to the gym more regularly, to start exercising, to eat healthy foods or maybe even to quit smoking.

As the weeks progress into the New Year, motivation to keep on going starts to fade until you are no longer making an effort to do what you intended to do. Well, you are not alone …

Planning a block of training can really determine your goals. But to be of much use they have got to be SMART. Some of you may already be bored now – yeah, yeah, we all know this, S for specific, M for measurable, A for achievable, R for relevant, and T for time-bound. But do you actually do it? I was most recently reminded of this concept when flicking through my notes from the BTF level 2 coaching course.

So in practise, does this actually work? At the beginning of the year I wrote on a piece of paper – amongst other things – by the end of July I want to have improved my 10 mile time trial PB to sub 23 minutes. Why is this a much better goal than ‘I want to get faster on the bike’?

Yippee! The open water swimming season is upon us! Even those of you extremely scared of cold water (like me!) could enjoy a lovely 17°C in lakes around London this morning. Fantastic! You have no excuse not to dive in and enjoy the lovely open water.

If you haven’t swum in a lake for a long time and prefer to get used to your wetsuit in a safe environment, you might want to start swimming in one of London’s  lidos that welcome wetsuit swimmers. However, remember that chlorinated water will eventually damage the wetsuit neoprene material. Make sure you rinse your wetsuit well after you’ve been using it in chlorinated water. Best to leave it to soak in clear water in your bath tub before hanging it up to drip dry on a coat hanger.

While I love being a triathlete I’m also very fond of time trialling. There are several reasons for this.

Cycling is my strength, so in the more local events I often stand a chance of winning. I know we always say it’s the taking part that counts, but winning is lots of fun, too.

Time trials are cheap. Open events are normally about £8, evening club events £2.50, and usually there’s tea and cake for a few pence donations afterwards.

They are good training. Try as you might, race intensity is always higher than training. Plus I love to race my bike and share my sport with others.

Chrissie Wellington recently gave this fabulously encouraging advice to everyone starting out in triathlon. This was part of her regular column in 220 Triathlon Magazine. We think it’s so wonderful that it is worth repeating here, just in case you missed that issue.

  • Have self believe, boldness and confidence; don’t doubt yourself
  • Always give 100% to sessions, never let your concentration flag
  • Be patient and see every day as a step towards a bigger goal
  • Don’t concern yourself with what others say and do

Basic triathlon training log with in a page-per-month layout.Whether you are training for your first sprint triathlon race or are an experienced ironman distancer, you really should keep a training log for your entire training and race season.

At a minimum you should record basic details about each training session such as type, time and distance covered. Ideally you also want to record particularities such as your personal form, mood, weather or any other factor that would have affected your training experience that day.

With our A race now nicely chosen (panic!), we can next go about looking for some challenging B and fun C races. We’ll also start working on setting up a more structured training plan in the next few days. However, for now lets just start training. It’s Base Building time. Yippee! We love base building as it gives us an excuse to go slowly, I mean really slowly. We only want to focus on technique and on building up distance.

Team-TrigirlOh dear, I must remember to bring my own drink next time as fountains are out of order for obvious reasons…

My tip for running on snow and ice without falling over:

Firstly wear your trail running shoes!

Secondly, you won’t slip on icy surfaces if you pull a pair of old socks over your shoes. The socks may not last very long, probably just one or two runs, so make sure to take a pair that you’ve been wanting to get rid of for a while.

Team-Trigirl2When most of London comes to a stand still because a couple of snow flakes hit the ground, Trigirls won’t be stopped in their training.

London parks are so beautiful in the snow. This was our first ever run in a snow covered Hype Park. What a wonderful experience. Can’t wait to get out again.